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Spinal Related Problems


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The history of Chiropractic began in 1895.more. 

Degeneration or New Injury


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Our Fees & Services

My Fees



$30.....................  Adjustment with 1 therapy *

*Rapid Release or Trigger Point Therapy

Prepay 10 visits at $20 per visit  (My Home Office Only)

$40.....................  Adjustment with 2-3 therapies**

**Rapid Release, Trigger Point Therapy, 

Reverse Gravity Traction 

(Ultra sound, diathermy (deep heat), or muscle stimulation are $15 extra each.)

Prepay 10 visits at $30 per visit (My Home Office Only)

MOBILE HOUSE CALL (in addirtion to above fees)

Escondido............... plus $25

Other Cities......... plus $25 per 10 miles travel distance


  • At My Home Office or your home or work
  • Do You have an Impairment or Disability?  We can order a special Computer X-ray Analysis to prove injury... Developed by the American Medical Association. 
  • Regular Insurance “Usual and Customary” fees apply
  • Will Accept Doctor Liens with your Attorney 
  • Available retired Insurance Adjuster to represent you. 
  • Patient does not not pay out of pocket for doctor visits. Doctors Bill will be paid with settlement funds from insurance.


Auto Accident Injuries


Auto Personal Injuries

I have over 40 years experience in working with Personal Injury cases. We accept your personal auto insurance Medical Payment (Med Pay) whether it was your fault of not*; or, if you have Med Pay in your personal automobile policy and the accident was NOT your fault, we will help you settle your case with the other party’s insurance company. We have you obtain the services of Spring & Associates which is headed by a retired insurance adjuster of 47 years. He can act as your advocate to help settle your case. If you require the services of a license California Attorney, we will accept a lien with the attorney of your choice**.  We will give you a list of proven ethical attorneys in the area of San Diego North County which can assist you to settle your case quickly.

*Your Medical Payment of your auto insurance policy WILL pay for medical treatment up to the amount of your limit whether it was your fault or not. If the accident was not fault, your personal insurance will usually be re-imbursed by the the party who hit your car.

**In order for us to accept a lien through an attorney’s office.  We will require that such attorney use the services of Spring & Associates to speed up the settling of your case.

Meet The Doctor


Dr. Joshua Paoli was licensed in California (License #:  11494) in January 1, 1976, and is currently in Escondido, California. Starting in 1968, he attended La Sierra University, (previously known as Loma Linda University, La Sierra Campus) and San Bernardino Valley College. He went on for four additional years to receive his doctorate in 1976 from Western States Chiropractic College. He has a broad knowledge in the area of natural healing, which he has applied in a clinical setting to give relief to many patients. He has vast experience in the treatment of joint rehabilitation utilizing physical therapy modalities, reverse gravity decompression therapy and various spinal and extremity manipulative techniques.  Dr. Paoli was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and speaks fluent Spanish.


La Sierra University (formerly called La Sierra College)

San Bernardino Valley College

University of Western States (formerly called Western States Chiropractic College

Chiropractic Doctorate Curriculum

● Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico

Dr. Joshua Paoli

Dr. Joshua Paoli

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