FIRST VISIT-Auto accident

My First Office/House Call

The initial visit can take place in either My Home Office or Your Home/Work place. Your first visit will take approximately 1 hour for an accident case. A history of your accident or condition will be performed as well as an appropriate examination. 

Treatment may or may not be initiated depending on your individual case. When an x-ray is required, you will be referred to a professional x-ray facility Imaging Health Care which will provide a second opinion for the interpretation of your x-rays from a medical radiologist. On an auto accident injury, the x-rays may be sent for a special analysis to determine ligament injury of the injured area. 


Why Your Home?


We are a professional mobile chiropractic service which is comes to your place of business/work or home. The advantage to you is that there will not be any lost work or extra driving to receive care. There will be no reception room waiting and your visit is completely private.