Treatment Available

Spinal Adjustments


Spinal Adjustment is the most effective treatment for most spinal related problems. Spinal degeneration may commence from any or several of the follow:

  • Auto Accident Forces
  • Slip and Fall injury
  • Sport injuries at school
  • Stress

Trigger Point Therapy

We use a Trigger Point Therapy equipment with is able to do deep muscle "massage" at the rate of 35 oscillations per second through range of 3/4 inch. It's extremely effective in relaxing muscles spasms and muscle soreness. It's virtually impossible to achieve the effective results with regular massage therapy.

Rapid Release Therapy

Rapid Release therapy is a very special stimulation which has actually been used for over 2,000. Within the last decade it was discovered that an oscillation (back & forth) motion of about 170 tiimes per second througha range of about 2-3 millimeters promotes  both superficial and deep tissue healing. It appears that healthy tissue "loves" that oscillation rate, however, "sick" or scarred tissue is stimulated to "become normal". I've had tremendous results with the use of this therapy.


Ultrasound therapy vibrates the tissues at over 1 millions times per second. It helps to break tissue adhesions, scar tissue, reduce inflammation and swelling and more. As the name indicates, it uses high frequency sound waves.


Muscle Stimulation is very effective on muscle spasms, muscle and joint pain, etc.  It works by causing the muscles to contract which is one of the most effective methods to "persuade" a muscle to relax. It also helps to strengthen the muscles. It works quite well on muscle "jerking" and periodic muscle spasms or twitches,


Short wave diathermy is a radiowave which has the capacity to penetrate the tissues through muscle and bone. It increases blood flow deep inside where the problems usually lie. Regular heat from a hot pack or infra red light only penetrates about 1/8 inch and only works by "cooking the surface" which stimulates the nerves and your body thinks its going to cook at which time a reflex occurs to open the capillaries to carry away the heat. At the same time the the reflex is "shared" with deeper tissues (muscles, organs, etc.) and circulation increases in those deep tissues. Diathermy bypasses that reflex and heats the deep tissues directly and promotes healing.  Finally, since Diathermy goes deep inside, it doesn't need the intense heat of infrared... much more comfortable.